Performing the Queen's Men

Famous Victories : The Sick Chair

Our Solution: The Prince's Entrance

at door

Above left: Prince fully visible entering Tavern Stage.
Above right: Prince hidden in side-curtains of University Stage.

On the tavern stage, Paul Hopkins, who played the prince, solved the tricky section where Henry enters to the king but says: "why do I not go to the chamber of my sick father?" by leaning against the doorframe as if pausing at the threshold of his father’s chambers before deciding to enter. In the university setting this was not possible as the prince was not visible to the majority of the audience when standing in the entrance way.

In the university setting, we had to rely on the principle of simultaneous staging. When the prince steps forward towards the king it is understood that the prince has entered his father’s chamber. Alternatively, the audience may not have imagined space in such a literal manner but rather saw all action as action on a stage that tells a story in which location is sometimes important and at others immaterial. See the video below to watch the prince’s entrance on the university stage.


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Edward Video 2
The Sick Chair (University Stage)