Performing the Queen's Men

Famous Victories: To the Court


In this case study you will be taken through the process through which the company developed the blocking for a particularly tricky section of text from Famous Victories where the young prince and his companions visit his father at court. In this section of text, characters' entrances and exits are not clearly marked and the company had to decide how the sequence of action could effectively be performed on our simple stage structure.


Read the scene
*if a new window with the scene PDF does not appear, make sure your pop-up blocker is OFF

Print out the pdf and read through the text, highlighting any moments where you think the text implies movement on the stage: you might find clues in the stage directions, within the dialogue or from the sudden appearance of characters not mentioned in the scene before. Make notes about what you think is happening and where you think the action is taking place. Once you have finished analyzing the text proceed to page 2 to check your results against the SQM company’s decision-making process.