Friar Bacon : Magic Spectacle

The battle of magic between the English friars Bacon and Bungay and the German scholar Vandermast explicitly demands spectacular stage effects. Read the text of this section of action and then watch the video below to see the SQM staging.


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In order to respect the rights of SQM actors, the following performance has been password-protected. Please contact us for access privileges.

The Battle
The Battle

Another Staging Puzzle

Bacon's other magic is much simpler and can be enacted simply through the actor’s performance. The sequence of action when the prince first meets the Friar presented the company with another series of puzzles. Print out the text of this section of the text and see if you can identify the tricky moments and through analyzing the text find ways it might creatively be staged. The video of the SQM performance can be found on the Friar Bacon & Friar Bungay resources page.