The SQM Process

The "Playwright's Reading"

For the first two plays, in the absence of the playwrights, our director/facilitator, Peter Cockett, read the plays to the company. King Leir was read in a rehearsal hall; Famous Victories in a tavern. For the third play, the company read through the play together.


Don Allison Don Allison came to the process late and arrived at the rehearsal hall in time for the "playwright's reading." He found it to be a useful introduction and guide to the play. Watch the Video.
Paul Hopkins Paul Hopkins describes the differences between the reading of King Leir in the rehearsal room and the reading of Famous Victories in the tavern. Watch the Video.
Scott Clarkson Scott Clarkson felt that the playwright's reading did not have a lasting influence on the development of his performance. Watch the Video.
David Kynaston David Kynaston speaks about his mixed response to the playwright's reading, which he felt gave some clarity to the creative process but also limited his creative freedom. Watch the Video.