The SQM Process

What Did the Actors Learn?

We asked the actors for their final thoughts on the process, anything they would like to share, and for any lessons they had drawn from their experience.


Paul Hopkins Paul Hopkins appreciated the simplicity of performing on a bare stage and drew a personal conclusion about the performance of masculinity. Watch the Video.
Don Allison Don Allison tells us what he would like us to know about his experience working in our experiment. Watch the Video.
Peter Higginson Peter Higginson describes the experiment as amazing and frightening, and felt the central lesson was the importance of text. Watch the Video.
Scott Clarkson Scott Clarkson describes the experiment as a humbling experience and playfully informs us of some of the lessons he learned. Watch the Video.
David Kynaston David Kynaston takes the time to appreciate the frantic, unique experience of working on this project. Watch the Video.