A Love Triangle

A Complex Spectacle of Love

Margaret's Response

Pardon my lord if Jove's great royalty,
Sent me such presents as to Danae,
If Phoebus tied in Latona's webs,
Come courting from the beauty of his lodge,
The dulcet tunes of frolic Mercury,
Not all the wealth heaven's treasury affords,
Should make me leave Lord Lacy or his love.
In response to his efforts Margaret uses several classical references to make it clear to the prince that she is not to be seduced and nothing will tempt her to leave Lacy. This time the Prince hears her as he decides on a new course of action returning his attention to Lacy.

The Prince Responds

I have learned at Oxford then this point of schools,
Abbata causa, tollitur effectus,
Lacy, the cause that Margaret cannot love
Nor fix her liking on the English Prince,
Take him away, and then the effects will fail.
Villain prepare thy self, for I will bathe
My poniard in the bosom of an Earl.

Through the application of university learning, the prince decides he can win Margaret's love by removing the present object of her affections - genius! The struggle resumes. Edward does not kill Lacy in the end and bearing in mind our analysis to this point watch the scene play out and consider why Edward spares his old friend.

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First Margaret asks the prince what he hopes to gain from Lacy's death. She then threatens to commit suicide should the lord be killed. Lacy encourages Edward to kill him rather than any harm come to Margaret. Margaret then asks the prince to kill them both and bury them together. This spectacle of love is too much for the prince and awakens his sleeping honour.

One of the key factors in the success of this section was Paul's ability to maintain his intention to kill Lacy until the last moment. This gave Margaret a greater obstacle to fight against. If she was not persuasive, then the prince might indeed "stab it home." With both actors pursuing their objectives passionately the conflict in the scene was raised and a powerful sense of jeopardy was created