A Love Triangle

Margaret's Intervention

'Twas I, my Lord, not Lacy stepped awry,
For oft he sued and courted for yourself,
And still wooed for the courtier all in green,
But I, whom fancy made but over fond,
Pleaded my self with looks as if I loved,
I fed mine eye with gazing on his face,
And still bewitched loved Lacy with my looks,
My heart with sighs, mine eyes pleaded with tears,
My face held pity and content at once,
And more I could not cipher out by signs
But that I loved Lord Lacy with my heart.
Then worthy Edward measure with thy mind,
If women's favours will not force men fall,
If beauty and if darts of piercing love,
Is not of force to bury thoughts of friends.

Margaret insists the blame is her own, saying it is not unusual that women should persuade men to forget their friends.

But what does Edward hear?

I tell thee, Peggy, I will have thy loves;
Edward or none shall conquer Margaret.
In frigates bottomed with rich Sethin planks,
Topped with the lofty firs of Lebanon,
Stemmed and encased with burnished ivory
And overlaid with plates of Persian wealth,
Like Thetis shalt thou wanton on the waves
And draw the Dolphins to thy lovely eyes,
To dance Lavoltas in the purple streams,
Sirens with harps and sliver psalteries,
Shall weight with music at thy frigate's stem,
And entertain fair Margaret with her lays.
England and England's wealth shall wait on thee,
Britain shall bend unto her prince's love,
And do due homage to thine excellence,
If thou wilt be but Edward's Margaret.

Not a lot, it would seem. He starts his sentence as though he is answering Margaret but what he says bears no relation to what she just said. He has been struck once more by Cupid's dart, seeing Margaret as if for the first time in the scene and loving her all over again, a kind of love at second sight. Lacy is forgotten for the moment and this supports my argument that vengeance on Lacy is not Edward’s primary objective in the scene. Hearing Margaret speak has reminded him what he really wants from this scene, and he now sets about getting it by seducing her with fanciful imagery and the promise of riches.

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Edward Speaks with Margaret

Did you notice?

The actor playing Edward knows his seduction will not work because he has read the play and performed it before, but that does not stop him from pursuing his objective with full vigor. Even though the script is written before they begin actors have to play scenes as if they might end differently, as if by pursuing their objectives they might actually change the outcome of the scene. This is one of the key factors that give good acting its life-like quality.