A Love Triangle

Summary of the Action So Far

Prince Edward

Edward's inner struggle: can murder be justified?

Edward wants Margaret to be his lover. Lacy has won her heart and has thus become an obstacle to the Prince's objective. Killing Lacy is an obvious means to remove this obstacle. The prince enters with his dagger drawn intimidates Lacy and then accuses him of treachery, challenging him to deny the crime. How does this action serve his objective?
If Lacy is a traitor, then the Prince would be justified in killing him - treachery is a capital crime. It would not hold up in a court of law but the important thing is that it would seem justified to the prince. Edward is attempting to remove one of the obstacles preventing him from killing Lacy, or to describe the action from Edward's perspective, he is executing justice on a traitorous subject who has stolen the affections of love.

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Edward Contemplates Murder