Queen's Men Biographies - Actors in the 1583 Company

John Singer (d.1609)

• A member of the new Queen’s company of 1583 and still there in 1588.

• Singer drew his sword during the quarrel between company members and the Norwich citizen “Wynsdon” that resulted in the stabbing death of “George,” his servant, in June 1583. He was jailed following the incident along with Bentley.

• Singer was evidently a capably performer of foolish or comic parts. Dekker’s Gull’s Horn-Book (1609) states (while teasing London gallants): “Tarleton, Kemp, nor Singer, nor all the litter of Fooles that now come drawling behinde them , never played the clownes more naturally then the arrantest Sot of you all shall.” (qtd Dictionary of Actors 328)